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Stephen Jackson’s Hip-Hop Debut (NSFW)

Former Charlotte Bobcat and current Milwaukee Buck Stephen Jackson dropped his rap video debut last week, entitled “The Season.” So I decided to transcribe the lyrics for posterity’s sake. I edited the bad words for the kiddies.

I don’t really know what else to say about it. I’m unabashedly super-excited for his “Whats a Lockout” mixtape that World Star Hip Hop says is coming soon.

If you notice I misheard any of his lines, let me know in the comments or on Twitter, so we can make this as accurate as possible.

[ESPN host: There’s a school of thought out there that the NBA owners would concede the first month or two of the season. Ratings are down, attendance is down during the fall. How would you assess their urgency to get this deal done and keep an 82-game season intact?]

B****, shut the f*** up!

[Hypeman: this is big business, mane. Too much money in here, mane. Get money – ain’t nothing else to it. F*** a lockout.]

Big business, I’m just minding mine.
Starting four cuz I’m starting five, you ridin’ the pine.
Let’s talk money, homie; what you sayin’ bro?
My pockets keep bucks like the same team I’m playing fo’
Used to walk it out, but now I’m closing Rolls doors
Jesus heads for every day: white, black or rose gold
Yeah, that means my jeweler keeps me cooler
Too much time on my hands, what you think about this Mueller?
Certified G, what’s poppin’, five?
That’s real talk, blood – these other n***as poppin’ lives
So while ya broke, I’m soupin new coupes in
Retarded red, drop head, lookin’ too stupid
Actin’ like a n***a never had s***,
Come to think about, I ain’t never had s***
Yeah, on that note, I’mma keep ballin’
I’m in a different league, y’all n***as street ballin’

[Broussard: A lot of people felt all along the owners don’t have a sense of urgency to get something done right now, that they’re willing to give up a few months starting December or January and having a shortened season.
ESPN host: So if you had to say your best guess, what would you say is going to happen?
Broussard: I think we’re going to see games because I feel like a lot of people really want to see how the players respond once they start losing checks.]

I go hard as a crowbar to your glass jaw
Speaking of my pace, I maneuver like a NASCAR
Speed by ya since you’re moving like a grandpa
I ain’t stuntin’ on ya, I’m just sayin’ man, my swag’s raw
B.A. Texas rays, playa ways runnin’ through my veins
Ain’t s*** change cuz a n***a got some change
Trill n***a from the heart, trill n***a from the start
How n***as claim to be trill if they ain’t from the park
I’m a true beast, you softer than the coupe seats
‘scuse me, my wrist’s nastier than Luke freaks
Watch your feet, I ain’t wanna scuff my Gucci sneaks
Before I put my fists around your mouth like a goatee
Bring pain, dawg, you might need painkillers
Boys love me in the hood, cuz I’m the same n***a
So on the same block that n***as was killed on
Can’t let you handle the trill raw,

I’m serious