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Stop — You’re making me hate the Hornets

As a Bobcats fan, it’s more annoying than just about anything. It’s more annoying than constantly fighting ignorance about the team. More annoying than not being able to watch the team on TV because my cable doesn’t carry Fox Sportssouth. I am of course talking about the topic of changing the team name.

It pops up for discussion once every six months, almost like clockwork. But it’s fairly easy to ignore because the most dedicated fans know it’s not worth discussing at this point. There’s always the people who want Jordan and the team to change it to “Charlotte Flight” or some other arena football team quality name. But the simple fact of the matter is that there’s is zero evidence that a name change to these names would instill a new level of confidence and support in a move that would still just be the Bobcats but with a different name.

Unfortunately, the one name that fits the area and isn’t too chintzy is already taken, by the New Orleans Hornets. It’s a given that ‘Hornets’ is a better and more fitting name with more unique colors that ties into the city than ‘Bobcats’, but them’s the breaks.

A name switch of sorts has long been suggested between the Bobcats, Hornets and Jazz, but come on: that’s little more than daydreaming.

And now comes an effort to bring the name back, but the only success they have had is embarrassing me as a Charlotte Hornets fan.

This ‘movement’ is little more than attention-grabbing bullshit. It started as an internet petition. Yes, you read that right: it started as an internet petition and they want it to be a legitimate movement.

Here’s the thing: how have they been supporting the team in the past? If the team did magically change the name to ‘Hornets’ and the team was just as bad, would they support the team then? For them it’s just putting a lipstick on a pig and once the pig is still a pig, adios.

It’s a disgusting show of riding the coattails of the retro fad, notably the popularity of Charlotte Hornets throwback snapback hats. And they’re trying to catch the first class seat to the media spotlight.

My main question is this: WHAT ARE THEY ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHING? The Hornets own the name as of right now. The ball is not in Charlotte’s court. If they could change the name back to the one the city loves, they probably would. They know the impact it has. They hired Carl Scheer, for crying out loud. You remember Carl Scheer, right? The former president and GM of the Hornets? Yeah, him. Nice guy. We’ve talked. They aren’t oblivious to it. They see announcers calling the team the ‘Hornets’. So what the hell does this do besides inciting the ignorant into being angry over nothing? It’s the dumb leading the dumb and all I know is it’s something I can’t get behind.

Once Charlotte has a team I can watch on a nightly basis and New Orleans has changed their name, then let’s talk. Until then, stop. Just stop. I’ve never been more embarrassed as a fan of the Charlotte Hornets brand than as I see Charlotteans try to defame the local team and their players for personal gain.

For more, let’s turn to Konata Edwards, who has some things he’d also like to say.

1)   There’s a good portion of you who don’t seem to get that it’s bad business to get caught up in a fad, because let’s face it, those Charlotte Hornets snapback hats, they’re a fad. And like all fads, they tend to die, so while it may be fashionable to want the Hornets name back, it’s probably best that the Bobcats you know, not get caught up in trends.

2)   A quick question, since the Bobcats have been in town, exactly how many of you have paid for a ticket? Gone to see the team? Or possibly, actually care about the NBA?? Exactly?? Very few or none of you, which means that most likely absolutely none of you would support this team AFTER the name was changed and the team is still in the rebuilding stages.

3)   Another question, how many of you were bitter about the way George Shinn left town? Does it hurt that it Bob Johnson was the one to bring back NBA basketball to town? Did it also frustrate you when the arena deal was done, even though you voted no? Regardless of the many gaffes of Bob Johnson (C-Set and the Jumper Classic) , he was kinda right about bringing Time Warner Cable Arena to downtown Charlotte, without it, Uptown Charlotte doesn’t have the Epicenter, any of the new hotels, the CIAA and lest we forget the Democratic National Convention in September. Again, if the Bobcats weren’t here, Charlotte doesn’t have that revenue.

Die, Bring Back The Buzz. Just die and quit being a spectacle for the sake of being a spectacle. It’s pathetic and sad.