Stop — You’re making me hate the Hornets

As a Bobcats fan, it’s more annoying than just about anything. It’s more annoying than constantly fighting ignorance about the team. More annoying than not being able to watch the team on TV because my cable doesn’t carry Fox Sportssouth. I am of course talking about the topic of changing the team name.

It pops up for discussion once every six months, almost like clockwork. But it’s fairly easy to ignore because the most dedicated fans know it’s not worth discussing at this point. There’s always the people who want Jordan and the team to change it to “Charlotte Flight” or some other arena football team quality name. But the simple fact of the matter is that there’s is zero evidence that a name change to these names would instill a new level of confidence and support in a move that would still just be the Bobcats but with a different name.

Unfortunately, the one name that fits the area and isn’t too chintzy is already taken, by the New Orleans Hornets. It’s a given that ‘Hornets’ is a better and more fitting name with more unique colors that ties into the city than ‘Bobcats’, but them’s the breaks.

A name switch of sorts has long been suggested between the Bobcats, Hornets and Jazz, but come on: that’s little more than daydreaming.

And now comes an effort to bring the name back, but the only success they have had is embarrassing me as a Charlotte Hornets fan.

This ‘movement’ is little more than attention-grabbing bullshit. It started as an internet petition. Yes, you read that right: it started as an internet petition and they want it to be a legitimate movement.

Here’s the thing: how have they been supporting the team in the past? If the team did magically change the name to ‘Hornets’ and the team was just as bad, would they support the team then? For them it’s just putting a lipstick on a pig and once the pig is still a pig, adios.

It’s a disgusting show of riding the coattails of the retro fad, notably the popularity of Charlotte Hornets throwback snapback hats. And they’re trying to catch the first class seat to the media spotlight.

My main question is this: WHAT ARE THEY ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHING? The Hornets own the name as of right now. The ball is not in Charlotte’s court. If they could change the name back to the one the city loves, they probably would. They know the impact it has. They hired Carl Scheer, for crying out loud. You remember Carl Scheer, right? The former president and GM of the Hornets? Yeah, him. Nice guy. We’ve talked. They aren’t oblivious to it. They see announcers calling the team the ‘Hornets’. So what the hell does this do besides inciting the ignorant into being angry over nothing? It’s the dumb leading the dumb and all I know is it’s something I can’t get behind.

Once Charlotte has a team I can watch on a nightly basis and New Orleans has changed their name, then let’s talk. Until then, stop. Just stop. I’ve never been more embarrassed as a fan of the Charlotte Hornets brand than as I see Charlotteans try to defame the local team and their players for personal gain.

For more, let’s turn to Konata Edwards, who has some things he’d also like to say.

1)   There’s a good portion of you who don’t seem to get that it’s bad business to get caught up in a fad, because let’s face it, those Charlotte Hornets snapback hats, they’re a fad. And like all fads, they tend to die, so while it may be fashionable to want the Hornets name back, it’s probably best that the Bobcats you know, not get caught up in trends.

2)   A quick question, since the Bobcats have been in town, exactly how many of you have paid for a ticket? Gone to see the team? Or possibly, actually care about the NBA?? Exactly?? Very few or none of you, which means that most likely absolutely none of you would support this team AFTER the name was changed and the team is still in the rebuilding stages.

3)   Another question, how many of you were bitter about the way George Shinn left town? Does it hurt that it Bob Johnson was the one to bring back NBA basketball to town? Did it also frustrate you when the arena deal was done, even though you voted no? Regardless of the many gaffes of Bob Johnson (C-Set and the Jumper Classic) , he was kinda right about bringing Time Warner Cable Arena to downtown Charlotte, without it, Uptown Charlotte doesn’t have the Epicenter, any of the new hotels, the CIAA and lest we forget the Democratic National Convention in September. Again, if the Bobcats weren’t here, Charlotte doesn’t have that revenue.

Die, Bring Back The Buzz. Just die and quit being a spectacle for the sake of being a spectacle. It’s pathetic and sad.


28 responses to “Stop — You’re making me hate the Hornets

  1. You do have some valid points but to say changing the name back to the Charlotte hornets want bring excitement and marketability is an ignorant statement in itself I think the people want there voice to be heard and action takein upon the fans wishes more than just a new name it’s more about relativity to a brand fans grew to love more than thinking the franchise will rocket to the top by just changing the name

  2. The New Orleans franchise actually doesn’t own the name “Hornets” the NBA does.

  3. wow, your whole article was uninformed and assuming. I stand by this movement not because it’s a “Fad” and I saw some “Snap Back” Hornet’s hats. I stand behind this movement because I am and always have been a Charlotte Hornet’s fan. As far as your question, will people support a losing team named the Hornets? Yes, and I say that because this city has already done that. In the losing years at the hive it was still packed and still loud even during a 40 point loss. We “the movement” is simply trying to show the B**cats that the city has a true desire to have back what is ours. It is not just about a nickname and fun is also about heritage. The name Hornet’s has historical value here and not in New Orleans. If you take a moment and read you will find that the name may very soon become available and you will also see that the B**cats have made no strong indication that they would pursue it when it becomes available. We are trying to be a voice for what we bee-lieve represents the majorities wishes. Maybe people like you “negative” should just keep your mouth shut instead. People like you always want to give reasons why things can’t happen and people like us always find ways to make them happen.

  4. This loser must not know that there’s talk of NO changing their name. He talks about how the movement should die, but when that name come back he’s going to be the one thanking us. He also says that he’s embarrassed when almost everyone in the QC is embarrassed of the Bobcats. He basically think that its impossible and that we are wasting our time, but NO is about to rebrand do he even look this stuff up. Plain example of someone trying to make a point and don’t have all of the info because of the lack of research. LAME!!!

  5. I think roadierob is on to something, here. Why change the name back to the “Hornets” when “Hornet’s” is right there for the taking!?

  6. This is hilarious. Only one of you even says you’re a Bobcats fan. And I’m not even against the Hornets name! I’m against the movement. It’s completely unnecessary and embarrassing to see people pretend they’re supporting the Bobcats. Also, Jordan and the team have said in the past that they’d be open to rebranding.

    Just look at this fella TriggTraylor, thinking people should thank him and the rest of the people supporting Bring Back The Buzz if the name does return. YES THAT’S RIGHT YOU’RE THE PEOPLE WHO CHANGED EVERYTHING. WITHOUT YOU, THE BOBCATS NEVER WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT TO CHANGE THE NAME TO THE HORNETS IF ITS AVAILABLE.

    It’s funny. You think people will stop being embarrassed of the Bobcats if they were just named the Hornets? It would be the same garbage. The same jokes about how bad the team is. The same speculation of if Kentucky can beat them. It doesn’t matter what the team is named. The Clippers have been there. The Knicks have been there. The Hawks have been there. The Hornets have been there. The Thunder/Sonics have been there. The Mavs have been there (early 90s). The Nets have been there. The Raptors have been there. The Wizards have been there. The Grizzlies have been there. Everyone’s been there. You know what can make people stop being embarrassed of the Bobcats? Running the team better and being smarter with roster moves. When the Bobcats were in the playoffs, people were so excited and supportive. Name, schname — they were there to see Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson take an overachieving underdog squad fight the mighty Dwight Howard and Orlando Magic.

    Oh, and I know New Orleans is reportedly preparing to rebrand. I’ve read the story. Big whoop. I’m not against the name change, as I’ve said before. You know, this part: “It’s a given that ‘Hornets’ is a better and more fitting name with more unique colors that ties into the city than ‘Bobcats’, but them’s the breaks.” Because those are the breaks. Until the name is free, this is completely just a waste of time and effort. It’s amazing that people think the Bobcats don’t know the history and impact the Hornets had and how that would be preferential to the current name.

    And to Mr. Roadierob, is that so? The Hive was packed and loud for 40 point losses? Yes, early on. But gee whiz, for the largest NBA arena ever built, it seems 29th out of 29 NBA teams in attendance in a playoff season (2001-02) is not very good. It comes down to this: the Hornets had the benefit of being the city’s new play toy as an expansion team. They had that new-team smell. Then George Shinn ruined things and the city became disenchanted. It happens with time, as well — not just Shinn. The Sonics’ support dwindled before they left because the team was being run into the ground to prepare for the move to OKC (just watch SonicsGate). The Bobcats’ support would not be much different regardless of team name now. There would be an initial swell of support, because “Yay Hornets are back!” but then life would return to normal “Boo, the Hornets stink.”

  7. roadierob — I don’t know what you’re basing “In the losing years at the hive it was still packed and still loud even during a 40 point loss” on, but it simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The first few years of a team’s existence is a grace period, because of novelty, and the CLT Hornets were a playoff team by year 5 and in contention for the playoffs every year after that — until 1998-99, when they missed the playoffs in a lockout-shortened year. Attendance was amazing before that, but then dropped to sixth in the league. The next year, the year after the team’s FIRST disappointment, attendance dropped to 16th in the league ( The next year, it was 11th, then 21st, then 29th, then they left. If anything, the CLT Hornets are a prime example illustrating that winning cures all; in a small market (that was growing faster than any other metro area in the country), they led the league in attendance because they were consistent winners.

    Everyone agrees that “Hornets” is more appropriate for the CLT basketball team than the New Orleans team, but “Jazz” is also more appropriate for the New Orleans team than the Utah team, and “Lakers” is more appropriate for the Minneapolis team than the Los Angeles team. Oh, wait. Nobody would ever suggest changing the Lakers’ name. I’m fully on board with Ben on this: again, it probably would have been best if the Hornets never left, but at this point, it’s foolish to think that anything short of building a winning tradition will convert the people who were burned by the league the first time around.

  8. It just grinds my gears to hear people so excited and adamant about a possible name change when those are the same people who are going to say, (when they realize of course that the (New-Old) “Hornets” are in fact and just the Newly labeled “Old Bobcats”), quote “Oh I just like them because I remember when the Hornets were good, my favorite team is either the Heat or Thunder. They are still the shitty old Bobcats.” I’m not against a name change as a matter of fact I think it would be cool for the city and I do believe it will happen in this offseason considering the Team Store has cancelled orders for new merchandise for the rest of the season. No matter what our name gets changed to whether it be the Hornets, Flight, or really retro with The Cougars, they will always be the Charlotte Bobcats, just like Real Sonics fans went with the Thunder, and just like people from Vancouver still like Pau Gasol. I still wear my Emeka Okafor jersey on NC State’s campus and get made fun of for it but It doesn’t matter to me because I’ve seen hope in the Charlotte Bobcats. Who knows, maybe we can sign Dragic this offseason or maybe even someone better. It’s just sad how uninformed and one-sided the general public is about the Bobcats and its almost to the point where there is such a small amount of those who actually know what is going on with the franchise the media is going to destroy us once again. Its just the difference between actual fans and people who listen to ESPN’s bullshit reporting. Also just to let you know, watching ESPN doesn’t make you rightfully informed it actually does the opposite. Let’s be real, earlier in the year they said UNC could beat the Bobcats. A team of Gana Diop, Corey Higgins, Matt Carrol, Jeff McGinnis and Alexis Ajinca would completely destroy any college team.

    P.S. If we aren’t awarded the #1 pick in the draft this year its because of David Stern fixation, which will cause me to lose a lot of respect for the NBA.

    • Call me.......

      Sir, we don’t root for Thunder. Stop spreading false rumors. True Sonics’ fans hate OKC Thunder because they stole our team and created a new one.

  9. Anyone remember this “buzz” a few years ago?

    (Notice how they even connect the Hornets with the Bobcats)

    It didn’t matter that we were named the Bobcats, that George Shinn had screwed over the city, that the Hornets were in New Orleans, Charlotte was behind the Bobcats because they were in the playoffs. Because they were successful.

    Charlotte will get behind the Bobcats when they win again. Our playoff run is indicative of that. We don’t need a rebranding, we need a competitive team. Once that happens, it won’t matter what the team’s name is.

  10. Some of you just don’t get and its sad. You people act like we are saying if we change the name we will start winning. Only a dummy would think that, if they brought that name back they would sale out and Hornets merchandise would be sold out and Jordan would be a little satisfied.

    • No, we’re saying that if the name changed, the swell in support would be short-lived because the ultimate driving force in long-term support is success on the court, something a name and colors just can’t affect.

  11. Let me clarify a couple of things! first don’t address me like I am some dumbass that sits around in mom’s basement smoking weed all day. I am an educated business owner with a Marine Corps background, point.. not stupid. Now, I am aware that there were years when the “Hive” was not busting out the greatest crowds but I also realize that most of that was do to the dwindling support for George Shin. It’s undeniable that even with the lack of attendance the city still loved THEIR Hornet’s. Did TWC arena fill up during the one play-off run?Yes. However anyone with half a brain realizes what that really was, for the most part it was force fed. People like the excitement of their teams when they are in winning positions. The difference is with the B**cats when they are not winning, nobody gives a damn. With the Hornets, if they were not winning people still loved them because of what they meant to our city. Another thing, yes, I am a B**cats fan. I have three jerseys, two hats and can name every roster they have ever had and every lottery pick they have ever had, so don’t tell me I am not a fan. The difference is I root for my team and my city but I loved my Hornet’s. Finally, to Cardboardgerald… Maybe you should take a long walk on a short pier. All you are is negative. an “NO man” if you will. The fact that strangers in a community have rallied together for something they believe in and you spit on it like it is destroying your life makes you just a jerk. If you don’t like the movement don’t be apart of it and don’t mention it. No one is hurting you. This movement makes people happy, gives them passion when maybe some of them don’t have that in their life without the cause. You are the kind of person that would snatch a rattler out of babies hands because you don’t like the sound of it, and wouldn’t give a damn that you made the baby cry. People like you make me sick and depressed about the future of our country. NO BODY CARES WHAT YOU THINK! find a hobby that doesn’t involve you bitching about other people!!!

    • Ah, so when the Bobcats make the playoffs they’re being force-fed to the people. Makes sense.

      So when the Hornets weren’t winning after that first successful foundation, why didn’t they sell out the Coliseum with people eager to support what they meant to the city?

      And LOLOLOLOL at the ending of your comment.

    • “However anyone with half a brain realizes what that really was, for the most part it was force fed.”

      [Citation Needed]

  12. Hello. Hornets (real Hornets) blogger here. The re-branding of the Hornets was pure speculation on the part of the Sports Illustrated author who wrote the recent piece on the Hornets. Any re-branding would be the decision of the new owner. As we don’t even know who that person will be, any discussion of New Orleans ditching the Hornets name would nothing more than baseless speculation. Sure, there are people that want to change the name just like there are in Charlotte, but thinking it’s a done deal is laughable. Good luck with you guys who are down for supporting a cartoon bug and some colors over a real-life basketball team.

  13. “Sell out”- that seems to be an apropos statement for what changing the name ‘Hornets’ would be. Not because the arena would be full every night, or that merchandise would be flying off the shelves, but because changing the name would be ‘selling out’ and pandering to the lunatic fringe.

    The Hornets in the early 90’s had a remarkable merchandising run. Was it because the country thought Charlotte was awesome, or that Hornets were cool? Perhaps, but far more likely it’s because they had two legitimate superstars who got to play underdog to the huge markets in the East, and as a color teal read well in a bombastic, early 90’s, ‘United Colors of Benetton’ way. They were the team EVERYONE pulled for as their 2nd team simply because they had attitude, they were the new kids on the block, and they played an exciting brand of basketball.

    Are fans in the area so patently stupid that a simple name change would make people ignore 30% shooting or blowout losses? I don’t think so. Sure, maybe there would be an initial bump while the curiosity is there, but that’s it. Those expecting this great renaissance of Charlotte Basketball are severely underestimating what a name is.

    If these groups lobbying can find a salient way of raising the $1 million name change fee, the costs in re-branding the stadium and buying out all currently produced merchandise from vendors then I’m sure MJ would listen. Until then you can hold your breath all you want, and beat your fists on the ground and no-one will listen to you.

    The rest of us will stay the course, the logical one- where the Charlotte Bobcats attempt to rebuild through the draft, and hope to emulate Oklahoma City. Are they popular because thunderstorms are awesome, or is it because they have Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook? Thankfully the Bobcats have a shot to find their Durant if the lottery balls fall for them, and thankfully that’s a lot cheaper than a name change fee.

  14. Live and let live moron ! If your not aginst the name change why the fuss ? Why beat others efforts down? Must be insecurity!

  15. Clemsonrebekah

    Cardboardgerald, I like you. If you take a long walk off a short pier, I will throw you a lifejacket. I like the Bobcats and their colors. Teal and purple makes me think of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and my LA Gear Flames I had back in the day. Nice to reminisce about, but I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them now. Also, “movement” people, if you want people to take you seriously, please learn to spell.

  16. William D. Green

    I guess I’m on the short list of those who wants NOTHING to do with the Hornets name. I’m Charlotte born & raised and grew up attending Hornets games. I also clearly remember how soured the Shinn/Charlotte relationship was at the end of their tenure here- to the point where we as a city allowed him to walk, then funded the arena he wanted in the first place and used it to house our current franchise. I don’t want the Hornets name back, it’s dirty with the taint of Shinn. I don’t want the teal/purple back, it’s tacky. On the other hand, I can understand why others feel nostalgic about the excitement our NBA franchise brought to the city and, since there isn’t much to laud on the court these days, would spend their free time advocating for a remote connection to such glory days.

    I don’t care what the team is named, I’ll still pull for them through thick and thin. If the Hornets name comes back somehow, I’ll be upset momentarily but it doesn’t change anything about the team other than appearance. So sign your petitions, make your terrible websites and go viral with your grassroots movement.

    But GTFO of The Cable Box with your “Let’s go Hornets!” chants. That is where I draw the line, and that’s the reason your movement has attracted such ire. Seriously?! How classless can you be to come into your hometown team’s arena and start chants for ANOTHER TEAM? Whether you like it or not, the Hornets currently reside in New Orleans and we, as Charlotteans, are the reason why. The stunt your group pulled during the Denver game was unforgivable and at best, confusing. The players, front office and fans are having a hard enough time getting through this season without such annoyances. Other than bringing attention to yourselves, what did that accomplish? I’m sure Silas and the boys really appreciated listening to New Orleans chants on their home court.

    Awesome job, you nostalgic goons. Next time, please gather at a restaurant or somebody’s house so you can rock out to Jock Jams v1 & 2 while wearing teal/purple Pumps and trying to relive the 90s.

  17. I support bringing back the name to Charlotte (YES it does belong here) but this whole “movement” thing is definitely scaring others away. I was at the Bobcats game last Friday night dressed up in Hornets gear like many other fans. I even went and sat with the predominantly Hornets-wearing section for a while. But from an outsider’s point of view, it is hard to take those guys seriously.

    First off, they had all been drinking and were just acting silly. They were heckling with little kids wearing Bobcats jerseys (who are we to blame kids for supporting the Bobcats? They’re the victims who will never know good basketball in Charlotte and the reason why the whole “movement” started) Secondly, their appearance was just sad. Some of them where dressed in just plain weird outfits. I get spirit and all, but nobody’s going to want to join a heckling group of tipsy people wearing purple robes and white tuxedos unless it’s for a team that actually exists. And finally, the way they carried themselves about was very wrong for this cause. They came off as very exclusive and basically like a group of people who were there just to taunt the Bobcats and kick them when they’re already down.

    I think the whole “movement” thing has gotten to a lot of their heads. If they REALLY want Michael Jordan and the crew to consider this thing as legitimate, you don’t come into the arena rudely (using wayyy overdone four-syllable, five clap “Let’s Go Horn-Nets, Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap” cheers) and make Bobcats fans feel bad for being there. In this season that has been hell for the Bobcats, MJ is really most likely to listen to the fans that have STUCK WITH THE TEAM – not a bunch of tipsy fans coming in wearing stupid costumes and heckling.

    So to John Morgan and the bringbackthebuzz people… I support you. But you won’t get any further doing what you have. The real way to get MJ on your side? Connect the fans of Charlotte. Make them rally around this thing. Those “We Beelieve” shirts are AWESOME. Sell those to everyone in the arena and then cheer your asses off for the Bobcats like it’s the 1993 Charlotte Hornets! MJ will have no choice but to say “these fans stuck with a team that was one of the worst in nba history.” He’ll have no choice but to at least consider your idea.

  18. I want to start this off by telling you My Brother and I started Bring Back The Buzz 2 years ago (During the playoff run)
    I’ve avoided replying to this for a long time because I did not want my anger to get the best of me! “Cardboard Gerald” I write this to you from a room adorned with Bobcats jerseys, flags, posters etc. so we are NBA and Charlotte fans.
    I went to the first NBA game back in Charlotte. Wizards vs Hawks. I had a sign that read “Who are these guys? We want the Bobcats!” and made it on Channel 14.
    I tried to embrace the Bobcats. I’ve gone to easily 3 or 4 games a year. Sat in box seats, went to draft parties, bought merchandise.
    So we are fans. I will address the questions now.
    As far as a fad goes. Ive never had 80 year old men get so passionate about a “fad”. I don’t think a 56 year old man who said he would never step foot in that arena because of what the NBA did to this city would go back on his word and support us…because of a fad.
    Secondly. Who are you to assume our NBA loyalty? Half of your points are assumptions on who we are. No facts. You can read the previous to understand my loyalty to Charlotte basketball and the NBA!
    Your point on voting on the arena is useless because half of the people in this movement were the kids who cried if they couldn’t go to a Hornets game…meaning, too young to drive or vote.
    I won’t comment on the whole New Orleans aspect of this because we all know how that’s going 😉
    Finally, all I want to say is that EVERYONE knows we will not be in any better shape as a team if the name changes! But as a community behind the TEAM, WATCH OUT! We will tear that building down because for once the organization will have had listened to the community and that alone will win fans over.
    So Cardboard Gerald you better Beelieve we are about to Bring Back The Buzz!

    Jeff- i honestly dont know what game you were at. nobody heckled little kids haha we teased them cus they were teasing with us…nobody was serious, not even the little kids haha

    • lol I’m sure a poll can reasonably decide the decisions of a team in their best interests. And the Charlotte Observer’s readers are the smartest people out there and make plenty of reasonable arguments. You can see them all the time in the comment sections! OHHHHH WAIT

      by the way, what the hell is a fake Carolinian?

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